La entrada or "The Entrance"


Opening positions: Two parallel lines of danzantes, facing forward. The monarca is at back of hall, between the dance lines, facing forward. The malinche in front with the abuelo behind her, both facing forward.

Step: This dance does not use the standard basic step. Instead, the step is as follows: two stamps and a step on one foot followed by two stamps and a step with the other. The stamping is not in place, but with the foot moving forward on a diagonal, accompanied by a dip in the knees. The final step brings the stamping foot back into place. This stamping step alternates with turns in the following pattern:

• 2 stamp sequences with right foot, 2 stamp sequences with left

• Repeat

• 2 stamp sequences with right foot

• Turn in place outward (away from center)

• 2 stamp sequences with left foot

• Turn in place inward (toward center)

Everyone does the same step, the danzantes and monarca in place, the malinche and abuelo moving up the lines.

Opening sequence: Standard, except done entirely in a pedestrian walk.

Dance pattern: Up front between the lines, the malinche is in front of the abuelo, both facing forward. At each series of turns in the stamping sequence, they move back one couple. When they reach the back where the monarca is standing, the malinche and monarca "exchange bows": The monarca’s hand holding the palma, and the malinche’s empty hand held flat, circle each other several times. At a cue from the violinist, the monarca then hands his palma to the malinche. She dances forward down the center with it, led by the abuelo, in the same way they previously moved to the back of the hall, advancing one couple at each series of turns. The whole procedure is then repeated: the malinche led by the abuelo dances back up the center to the monarca, they "exchange bows," and the malinche passes the palma back to the monarca. The dance ends here with a quick and unelaborated bow. After a brief rest to change malinches, the dancers proceed directly into la batalla.

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