La procesion or "The Procession"

Opening sequence: Standard except that after the danzantes have cast off and picked up the monarca, accompanied by a malinche on each side of him, they begin a footwork pattern unique to this dance. This footwork, however, is not consistent among all the dancers. Most do a step-step-step-hop pattern Some simply repeat a step-hop on each foot. It is possible that the correct step for this dance is a combination of the two, but I was not able to determine this, because of the variations.

Dance pattern: In the two-line formations, with the monarca up front flanked by two malinches, all the dancers do a few of the step patterns, retreating backwards, then a few advancing forward back into place. This sequence is repeated two or three times. The reason that the number of advances and retreats varies is that there is no set moment at which a retreat ends and an advance begins, or an advance ends and a retreat begins. Rather, the duration of the pattern is established by the music. On a cue from the violin, all bow.

Now, the first danzante in each line casts off, then takes his place at the end of the line. The second couple now becomes the first and the dance pattern begins again. This rotation continues until all the men have paid their respects to the virgin before them. At that point, the abuelo calls for turns, there is one final bow, and the dance is done.

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